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    TRADITOM project collects genetic, epigenetic and phenotypic variability and knowledge from farms and in public repositories, in the TRADITOM database and seed repositoryread more

    Camino de Vera, Spain
    • Plant Production and Protection

    Are you looking for good agroforestry (AF) practices, latest news, scientific achievements or just interested in agroforestry?  The AFINET Knowledge Cloud has been developed to help you to find AF-related information.

    The AFINET Knowledge Cloud (KC) is an online source of all kind of...read more

    Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    • Forestry

    The European SOLAR Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power (EU-SOLARIS) will provide the scientific community and industry with the Concentrating Solar Thermal and Solar Chemistry (CST) technologies devoted to the use of solar energy, mainly for electricity generation. The...

    Paraje Retamares, Tabernas, AL, 04200, ES
    • Natural Resources and Environment