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    PlutoF platform provides online workbench and computing services for biology and related disciplines. The purpose of the platform is to provide synergy through common modules for the taxon occurrences, classifications, geography, projects, agents, analytical tools, etc. The great power of the...read more

    Tartu, Estonia
    • Agriculture - General

    The University of Tartu (Estonian: Tartu Ülikool, Latin: Universitas Tartuensis) is a classical university in the city of Tartu, Estonia. It is the national university of Estonia. The University of Tartu is the only classical university in the country and also the biggest and most prestigious university in Estonia. It was established by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1632. There are nearly 14,000 students at the university, of which over 1,300 are foreign students.

    Tartu, Estonia
    • Engineering, Technology and Research