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    The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is the government agency responsible for gathering and reporting weather data and forecasts in Finland. It is a part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications but it operates semi-autonomously. The Institute is an impartial research and service organisation with expertise covering a wide range of atmospheric science activities other than gathering and reporting weather data and forecasts. The headquarters of the Institute is in Kumpula Campus, Helsinki, Finland.

    Helsinki, Finland
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    CSC offers data research performance analytics for state, public and research administration. The Publication Forum Portal, an IT solution for maintaining classification of publication channels, is a joint project of CSC and the Publication Forum.

    CSC facilitates cooperation, interaction and knowledge sharing and experience through the TUHA network. Working together, we can make innovations that improve research administration and research itself. See also the introduction to the ORCID researcher identifier in Finland.

    Espoo, Finland
    • Engineering, Technology and Research

    VTT is an impartial multidisciplinary expert organization with a staff of 2600. VTT produces research, development, testing and information services to public sector and companies as well as international organizations. VTT can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a substantial range of world class technologies and applied research services. VTT is a not-for-profit organization and has extensive research and pilot facilities related to biomass treatment, process chemistry, thermochemical conversions, industrial biotechnology and material applications.

    Espoo, Finland
    • Forestry