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    The institute was established in 1904 under the name of pathology lab. Inside the building of college of Vet. Medicine .Cairo university then it becomes the General Department of labs and veterinary researches in its building at Nadi El-said street Dokki Giza then in 1983 by the republic decision No. 19 the Agriculture Research centre was established containing The Animal Health research Institute. 

    Giza, Egypt
    • Animal Production and Health

    The Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) dates back to 1908 when an independent Animal Breeding Section was formed. Its responsibilities were limited to applied research and activities related to buffalo, cattle and equine breeding. Since 1921, it has been affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture as a Branch for Animal Breeding. In 1939, the branch was transformed into the Department of Animal and Poultry Breedign, and then into the Departement of Animal Production in 1944.

    Ad Doqi, Egypt
    • Animal Production and Health

    The Animal Reproduction Research Institute may be considered to date back to 1968 when the first center for bull investigation in Egypt was established. Its main responsibilities were the examination of bulls used for artificial insemination of bulls used for artificial insemination or natural bereeding purposes, in addition to examining samples received from districts throughout Egypt for diagnostic purposes. long before that time, however, different aspects of animal reproduction were practiced in an informal, and later, formal manner.

    Al Haram, Egypt
    • Animal Production and Health

    Since 1903, The VSVRI has been established on an area of about23square hectares in the Red Mountain area of the Abbassia district, east Cairo. The Veterinary Serum and Vaccine Research nstitute (VSVRI),formerly called the Veterinary Serum Laboratory, is one of the oldest and prestigious institutes in the Middle East and Africa. Since 1914, The institute has been merged to the veterinary Medicine Department within the Ministry of Agriculture. 

    Nasr, Egypt
    • Animal Production and Health