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    Bridging the divide between management competence, science and research by engaging in applied research with involvement of industry and especially SMEs, by supporting exchange through scientific conferences, stakeholder workshops, and the development of international networks, by transferring research results through training workshops, expert advice and system development support, by publication of international journals and training materials, and by international research project activity.

    Rheinbach, Germany
    • Engineering, Technology and Research

    ttz Bremerhaven is an innovative provider of research services which performs applied research and development. Under the umbrella of ttz Bremerhaven, an international team of experts is working in the areas of food, environment and health.

    Bremerhaven, Germany
    • Engineering, Technology and Research

    JENA-GEOS®-Ingenieurbüro GmbH furnishes complex geo-scientific research and counselling work both at home and abroad. Having an 80-year-long tradition, it has continued the work of its predecessor institutions since 1990. Today, an independent, interdisciplinary netted team is available offering integrated solutions.

    Jena, Germany
    • Engineering, Technology and Research