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    The FARM HOUSEHOLD SURVEY DATABASE is a collection of farm level data sets on rice productivity, fertilizer and pesticide use, labor inputs, prices, income, demographics, farm characteristics, and other related data on rice production in farmer's fields. It is a rich collection of actual...read more

    Vila Clementino, Brazil
    • Farming Practices and Systems

    Bangladesh soil and climatic conditions is suitable for growing wide range of both tropical and temperate crops. The major crops cultivated in the country are rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane, potato, jute, pulses, oilseeds, spices and vegetables. Cereals and potato production fulfils the country�s...read more

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Farming Practices and Systems

    KIRAN (Knowledge Innovation Repository of Agriculture in the North East) is a user platform instrumental in harnessing the power of scientific knowledge and technology innovation for strengthening agricultural production systems in NE Region through dynamic partnership and convergence among the...read more

    New Delhi, India
    • Farming Practices and Systems

    Good soil quality is of fundamental importance to both local and global food production and to ecosystem resilience. Agricultural soils world-wide are subject to threats and pressures including: increasing demand for food and biofuels, changing diets, land degradation and associated productivity...

    6708 PB Wageningen, Netherlands, Wageningen, 6708 PB, NL
    • Farming Practices and Systems

    Scientific research conducted by the V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute is directed to solve fundamental problems of soil science combined with definite applied problems relating to the improvement of the soil productivity, efficient use and protection of the soil resources to be able to...read more

    Moscow, Russia
    • Farming Practices and Systems