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    Currently, INIAP owns the Experimental Farms: "Tumbaco" in the province of Pichincha, "Dr. Hugo Vivar Ochoa "in the province of Loja, and" Palora "and" Domono "in the province of Morona Santiago. Since its creation, INIAP has been carrying out important work in the field of scientific research, which has allowed the generation, validation and transfer of knowledge and technologies that have contributed unquestionably to the increase in production and productivity of the main agricultural items from the country; Through the delivery of 217 varieties and hybrids in 33 different crops.

    Quito, Ecuador
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    The Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare (DAC&FW) is one of the three constituent Departments of the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, the other two being Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries (DAHD&F) and Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE). This Department is headed by Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister and is assisted by three Ministers of State.

    New Delhi, India
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    Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research was established by renaming Project Directorate for Farming Systems Research by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi at Modipuram, Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). Earlier,It was named as Project Directorate for cropping System Research and the project was operating as All India Coordinated Agronomic Research Project (AICARP) since 1968-69 to coordinate agronomic research at national level.

    Pavli Khas, India
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    The Farmland Irrigation Research Institute (FIRI) was funded in Beijing in 1959 and moved to Xinxiang in Henan Province in 1963. FIRI has 83 academic staff and 65 supporting and administrative staff. And 24 of them have obtained doctoral degree and 52 master degree. The FIRI is committed to applied and basic research in developing new technologies for farmland irrigation and drainage.

    Henan Sheng, China
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    The Institute of Cotton Research (ICR) of CAAS is China’s only state-level organization for professional cotton research. Focused on basic and applied research, ICR organizes and presides over major national cotton research projects addressing significant science and technology-related issues in cotton production. The institute coordinates international cooperation and exchanges about cotton research, cultivates high-level talent to advance cotton technology, and facilitates the transfer of new technologies to cotton farmland.

    Wenfeng Qu, China
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    The Institutes involved in the project are “Viticulture and Fruit Tree Production” (VIT) and “Entomology and Plant pathology” (EPP). VIT activities are mostly focused on applied grape eco-physiology and vineyard management practices with special emphasis on yield/quality relationships, summer pruning techniques and approaches to meet new requirements imposed by climate change. EPP studies pathogens to understand their relationships with host plants and the environment as well as to forecast their behaviour to prevent damages.

    Piacenza, Italy
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    FORCE-A is a start-up company created in 2004 located in Orsay, France. FORCE- A designs and commercializes innovative plant diagnostic tools and solutions for real-time crop monitoring and management, dedicated to precision viticulture. FORCE-A’s Multiplex and Dualex optical sensors can assess the physiological, health and maturity status of grapevine through its intrinsic fluorescence properties.

    Orsay, France
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    Vinidea is a micro-enterprise founded in 1999. It is specialized in dissemination of technical knowledge to all segments of people involved in vineyard management and winemaking (viticulturist, owners, managers, winemakers, workers). The company is secretariat of SIVE (Società Italiana di Viticoltura ed Enologia), an Italian non-profit association gathering about 500 winemakers and wineries.

    Ponte dell’Olio, Italy
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    CoolFarm unites a highly skilled and motivated team of horticulturists and biologists; software and hardware engineers; web, mobile and product designers; marketing and business experts; to create solutions for the indoor farming needs.

    With horizontal, vertical and aquaponic test sites, the company is able to deliver to the growers a robust technology thought for them and focused on crops, improving the efficiency of the production and increasing the profitability of the farm.

    Coimbra, Portugal
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    The Saturas stem water potential concept was developed from the field by Dr. Moshe Meron, a senior researcher at MIGAL Research Institute and a leading member of the Saturas team. MIGAL supports about 10,000 farmers in the north of Israel, who produce approximately 20% of the national agriculture production and is internationally recognized as a hub of agro-innovation. This strong position in the field contributes a lot to our understanding of the farmers’ real needs.

    Qiryat Shemona, Israel
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