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    Recently, the environment has been the topic of the hour, the whole world started to pay a great attention to the environment as a strategic choice to conserve the natural resources which will ensure the continuity and sustainability of these resources in the future. Sinai Peninsula and Suez Canal area are characterized by their geographical importance and their richness in natural resources which include plants, animals, geological structures and marine habitats.

    Ismailia, Egypt
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    SWERI's main activities include: Conducting applied research to serve the following topics: Survey of land resources, Maximize the output of soil, water and fertilizer unit, Balanced fertilization for plants, Management of soils and water, Recycling of agricultural residues, Bio-fertilizers and Biological agents, Improvement of soil productivity, Monitoring of soil and water pollutants. 

    Imbaba, Egypt
    • Natural Resources and Environment