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    Main competences of Research Institute of Viticulture and Enology-PTE (RIVE) are: (i) germplasm preservation in a gene bank over 1600 accessions, (ii) clonal selection of 16, mainly Hungarian autochton cultivars, (iii) plant physiological measurements for selecting cultivars with better adaptation to climate change, (iv) germplasm evaluation for new resistance sources against several pathogens. A Vitis vinifera powdery mildew resistance source with monogenic resistance was introduced into breeding.

    Pécs, Hungary
    • Plant Production and Protection

    Our mission is to make grapes healthier and contribute to a greener environment. Our solutions and dedicated team members all fight to achieve this goal. Our strong ties with institutes, schools, universities helps information flow and knowledge management. SmartVineyard takes and active role in the education of the next generation of viticulturists.

    Budapest, Hungary
    • Plant Production and Protection