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    Central Agricultural Library (CAL) is the biggest in the country library, specialized in agricultural area. Established in 1962 as academic library at the new in this period Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Possessing a rich library fund of about 500 000 volumes of specialized literature, CAL is the biggest depositary for the agricultural sector in Bulgaria. Its mission is to provide agricultural information for all categories of users in the country – scientists, PhD students, students, lecturers, teachers, agricultural producers from different organizations and firms and citizens.

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Agriculture - General

    During the last decade the AgroBioInstitute (ABI) has built up modern genomics and metabolomics facilities and continuously expands its activity toward more efficient characterization and utilization of plant genetic resources, plant and microbial biodiversity. ABI has carried out first systematic molecular marker characterization of the genetic resources of economically important crops, including grapevine, and has constructed a molecular map of the disease resistant grapevine variety Strogozia.

    Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Plant Production and Protection