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    INISAV, an organization of the National System of Agricultural Science and Technological Innovation, accredited in the National Registry, with category I since 2003, has more than 35 years of scientific work and specialized services in plant health, belongs to the Pole Scientist from the west of the capital since 1991 on the proposal of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, which represents a special recognition for the institution, as well as a greater commitment to the development of Science in Cuba.

    La Habana, Cuba
    • Agriculture - General

    In 1960 FAO, together with the Cuban authorities, conducted a study on the country's forest situation. Based on this study, the United Nations Special Fund approved in 1969 the Cuba-3 project "Forest Research and Training Center", which lasts for four years. This project oriented the performance of a program of reforestation and forest industries. Seven regional sub-stations were established for research and training activities and the Forest Research and Training Center was established. 

    Playa, Havana, Cuba
    • Forestry

    The Instituto de Investigaciones Porcinas (IIP), founded in 1972, is listed as rector of Science and Technology in the swine business in Cuba. Subordinated to the Swine Production Group (GRUPOR) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), develops experimental research projects, aimed at responding to specific aspects of pig farming, extending to countries with the same climatic conditions, protecting and preserving the ecological environment.

    Havana, Cuba
    • Animal Production and Health