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    The Center for Agricultural and Forest Development, Inc. (CEDAF) incorporated by decree 205-87, was founded in 1987 under the name of the Agricultural Development Foundation, Inc. (FDA), in response to the deterioration of the National Research System And Transfer of Agricultural Technologies in the country, and given the impossibility of putting into operation the Dominican Institute of Agricultural Research (IDIA), which, with the participation of many of those who constituted the Foundation, had been approved by Law No. 289 of the National Congress, in 1985.

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • Forestry

    The ministry formulates and directs agricultural policies in accordance with the country's general development plans, so that producers take advantage of comparative and competitive advantages in the markets and thus contribute to guarantee food security, the generation of productive jobs and foreign exchange and The improvement of the living conditions of the population.

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • Government, Administration and Legislation