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    The mission of the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment is to promote the environmental sustainability of the country by conserving, protecting, recovering and ensuring environmental conditions, ecosystems and natural resources. The general functions of the Ministry of the Environment are to Formulate, plan, direct, coordinate, execute, supervise and evaluate the National Environmental Policy , applicable to all levels of government; Ensure compliance with environmental regulations, carrying out inspection, supervision, evaluation and control functions, as well as exercising sanctioning pow

    Distrito de Lima, Peru
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    The International Potato Center, known by its Spanish acronym CIP, was founded in 1971 as a root and tuber research-for-development institution delivering sustainable solutions to the pressing world problems of hunger, poverty, and the degradation of natural resources. CIP is truly a global center, with headquarters in Lima, Peru and offices in 20 developing countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Working closely with our partners, CIP seeks to achieve food security, increased well-being, and gender equity for poor people in the developing world.

    La Molina, Peru
    • Plant Production and Protection

    Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts, huaycos and landslides are the natural phenomena that haunt our planet and that leads to destruction, altering the daily lives of populations. Being our country located in a zone of seismic and volcanic activity, besides being vulnerable to the climatic changes, it is important the existence of an institution that studies the phenomena that affect our territory.

    15012, Peru
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    The Peruvian Amazon Research Institute - IIAP is a scientific and technological research institution specializing in the sustainable use of biological diversity in the Amazon region. With more than 30 years of uninterrupted work for the benefit of Amazonian populations, the IIAP has established itself as an institution that promotes appropriate methodologies for the efficient and orderly use of natural resources and the Peruvian Amazonian territory.

    Quinones, Iquitos, Peru
    • Forestry

    The National Institute for Research in Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems - INAIGEM , is the specialized technical agency assigned to the Ministry of the Environment, endorsed by Law No. 30286, whose purpose is to promote and expand scientific and technological research in the field of glaciers and Mountain ecosystems, promoting their sustainable management for the benefit of populations living or benefiting from these ecosystems.

    Huaraz, Peru
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    The Environmental Evaluation and Oversight Agency (OEFA)  was created in 2008 as a specialized technical agency, attached to the Ministry of the Environment. It is the governing body of the National Environmental Assessment and Control System (SINEFA) in Peru. The OEFA ensures that economic activities develop in balance with the right of people to enjoy a healthy environment. To this end, it is in charge of environmental assessment, supervision, control and sanction, as well as the application of incentives in the mining, energy, fisheries and industry sectors.

    Distrito de Lima, Peru
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    The National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State - Sernanp  is a public agency attached to the Ministry of the Environment since May 2008. Its mission is to ensure the conservation of the country's Protected Natural Areas, its biological diversity and the maintenance of its services Environmental impacts. To achieve this, it has developed international cooperation projects and agreements with civil society and various institutions.

    San Isidro, Peru
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru - SENAMHI is a specialized public body founded in 1969. When the Ministry of the Environment was created in May 2008, it became an agency of the sector. Provides public services, advice, studies and scientific research in the areas of meteorology, hydrology, agrometeorology and environmental issues for the benefit of the country. In addition, it participates in global atmospheric surveillance and provides specialized services to contribute to sustainable development, security and national well-being.

    Jesús María, Peru
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    The National Environmental Certification Service for Sustainable Investments - SENACE  is a specialized public agency, attached to the Ministry of the Environment, which will be in charge of the review and approval of detailed Environmental Impact Studies (EIA-d) of investment projects Public, private or mixed capital, of national scope that contemplate activities, constructions, works and other commercial activities and of services that can cause significant environmental impacts.

    Miraflores, Peru
    • Natural Resources and Environment