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    Education and research are the foundations for our future. The promotion of education, science and research by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research represents an important contribution to securing our country's prosperity.

    Berlin, Germany
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    It is the main technical university in Norway with over 80% of all master and PhD-degrees awarded in science and technology. Over the last 30 years NTNU and the research institute SINTEF have jointly developed a 8,000 square metre 40 million Euro research facility, where 750 people work at mitigating emissions like CO2, NOx, SOx and other greenhouse gases. This includes removing them from oil and gas production processes and from use in industry, buildings and transport. A secondary thrust has been to cross-link this research with the development of clean new renewable energy technologies.

    Trondheim, Norway
    • Agri-food Education and Extension
    Oxford, United Kingdom
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    The University of Vienna (German: Universität Wien) is a public university located in Vienna, Austria. It was founded by Duke Rudolph IV in 1365 and is one of the oldest universities in the German-speaking world. With its long and rich history, the University of Vienna has developed into one of the largest universities in Europe, and also one of the most renowned, especially in the Humanities. It is associated with 15 Nobel prize winners and has been the academic home to a large number of scholars of historical as well as of academic importance.

    Wien, Austria
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    At Leibniz Universität there are currently almost 29,000 students studying in nine faculties, and some 3,100 researchers working in more than 180 institutes. The main building of the university is the Royal Palace Welfenschloss at the Welfengarten. Our internationally visible core research topics are in mechanical engineering, in quantum optics and gravitational physics, in biomedical research and in teacher training.

    Hannover, Germany
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    P.PORTO is excellence in higher education, but is also a space of ideas and results in which we make a difference. We are a dynamo of cultural change, in our city, in our region, in our country. We try to meet current demands, building bridges between the academia, the world of work and civil society. 

    Porto, Portugal
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    For 50 years, Cranfield has been contributing to enhancing natural capital and ensuring that global food systems are more resilient for the future. We are recognised worldwide by industry, government and academe for our research and teaching in plants, soil, water and air.

    Our strengths range from environmental governance and risk, to food security. We work with global and domestic agriculture and food companies, environmental agencies, and governments to ensure that our research benefits all in society.

    Bedford, United Kingdom
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    En el año 2001, ante el aumento del personal del IDR así como la diversificación de las áreas de investigación, se abordó, por parte de los miembros del Instituto, la elaboración de unas mínimas normas de funcionamiento interno que, aceptadas por todos, permitieran estructurar y organizar la labor diaria y las relaciones externas. Con el paso de los años ha sufrido varias reformas, adaptándose a la evolución y realidad, cada vez más compleja, del Instituto. Hoy por hoy tiene el valor de unas normas a las que nos obligamos los que trabajamos en este Instituto.

    Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    Aarhus University’s Strategy 2013-2020 was adopted on 5 March 2013 by the Aarhus University Board. The strategy confirms and strengthens the university’s commitment to the course that it has already set, and consolidates its engagement in society.

    The strategy focuses on three strategic priorities:

    Aarhus C, Denmark
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) is a public institution dedicated to research and higher education, specialized in the fields of architecture, science and engineering. It is a university committed to excellence, a driver of economic and social change, and an institution that’s extremely well connected to the industry. The schools and facilities in Barcelona, and other location in Catalonia, engage in intense research activity and provide students with an outstanding education.

    Barcelona, Spain
    • Agri-food Education and Extension