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    ABO DATA was founded in 1979 with the aim of providing Research and Development services for software systems targeted to applications and solutions development. In over 30 years of solid business activity, the Company has gathered an irreplaceable asset, represented by the education and experience of human resources that are part of it , achieving an important leadership in Europe and ROW countries. With the establishment in 1995 of Macrovision Creative Software Ltd.

    Bogliasco, Italy
    • Information Management

    Under the brand name of bynse, our SME cubenube (www.cubenube.com) has developed the first big data solution for agriculture in the world. bynse allows managers and producers to analyse the current and future needs of their crops in real time, using an innovative and inexpensive microclimatic sensing system called bynsebox for collecting field data, and a cloud information service called bynsecloud for processing and displaying the information to the users.

    Alcala de Henares, Spain
    • Information Management