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    Wageningen University & Research is a collaboration between Wageningen University and the Wageningen Research foundation. 

    ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. That is the mission of Wageningen University & Research. Over 6,500 employees and 12.000 students from more than hunderd countries work everywhere around the world in the domain of healthy food and living environment for governments and the business community-at-large.

    Wageningen, Netherlands
    • Agriculture - General

    The EMARI (Eastern Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute) is an official provider of scientific research & innovation to governmental, non-governmental  and commercial organisations in agriculture and related sectors. Has scientific capability and facilities to execute researches in different agroecosystems. Possesses a broad expertise in "wide range, special skill requiring projects" for agricultural development.

    Dogankent, Yuregir, Turkey
    • Agriculture - General