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    The Centro Científico Conhecer is a teaching and research institution. It was created and is maintained by teachers. Offers continuing qualification courses.

    Goiânia, Brazil
    • Engineering, Technology and Research

    The Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa (INESC-ID) is a R&D institute dedicated to advanced research and development in the fields of Information Technologies, Electronics, Communications, and Energy. INESC-ID is a non-profit institution, privately owned by IST and INESC, officially declared of public interest. It was created in 2000, as a result of a reorganization of its parent institution. Since December 2004, the institution has the status of "Laboratório Associado" from FCT.

    Lisboa, Portugal
    • Engineering, Technology and Research

    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev aspires to be among the best inter-disciplinary research universities in the world, a leader in scientific innovation, inter-disciplinary research and applied sciences – all of which impact daily life. It is committed to social and environmental responsibility and is working to develop the Negev, Israel and the world. The University attracts excellent students and researchers from Israel and abroad, original thinkers with a developed social conscience, who integrate into the country's leadership in a variety of ways.

    Beer-Sheva, Israel
    • Natural Resources and Environment

    Formerly known as Beijing Food Research Institute (BFRI), Beijing Food Brewing Institute (BFBI), and China Meat Research Centre (CMRC), Beijing Academy of Food Sciences (BAFS) was founded in May 2010.

    Fengtai Qu, China
    • Food safety and Human nutrition

    The Federal University of Ceará is an autarchy linked to the Ministry of Education. It was born as a result of a broad movement of public opinion. It was created by Law No.

    Benfica, Fortaleza, Brazil
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) offers high-level undergraduate and postgraduate Education and Research in Agricultural Science, and its vision is to achieve Educational and Research Excellence so as to occupy a dynamic position in the international academic environment.  

    Athens, Greece
    • Agri-food Education and Extension

    "East West" Association For Advanced Studies and Higher Education" was opened in 2013 in Vienna by the figures from academia of Austria, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.Legal form of the organization is Limited Liability Company (GmbH — Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung), authorized capital is 35000 Euro. The purpose of our activity consists in providing an opportunity of publication of the scientific researches to the scientific community of the countries of Europe, Asia, and the whole world.

    Wien, Austria

    Botanical Garden-Institute conducts scientific researches on plant conservation, plant ecology, vegetation ecology, phytogeography, environment protection, as well as accomplishes educational programs, organizes conferences, trainings & seminars. Botanical Garden-Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the largest botanical garden in the Far East of Russia. The Garden is located in a suburb of the city, 19 kilometers to the north of the center. Botanical Garden-Institute is a protected natural area of federal significance. The botanical garden has many

    Vladivostok, Russia
    • Plant Production and Protection

    The IZ belongs to the State Department of Agriculture and Food Supply (SAA) of the State of Sao Paulo and interacts through the São Paulo Agency of Agribusiness and Technology (APTA) through its various research institutes and centers in different regions of Sao Paulo State granting them respective demands. With a herd of about 4,000 animals IZ offers technology support in the areas of beef cattle and dairy cattle, swine and sheep industry. It promotes the development of science and technology to increase productivity and efficiency of these production chains and their derivatives.

    Nova Odessa, Brazil
    • Animal Production and Health

    Based on the highly appreciated instructions of His Majesty, Sultan of the Country, may Allah protect him, directed to all governmental institutions to make haste in boosting their performance & facilitating their services by using digital technology in the course of elevating and promoting the Sultanate up to the modern, renewed horizons of knowledge.

    Muscat, Oman
    • Information Management